Health & Nutrition Service 

Child learning health

A child's health and proper nutrition are critical to their ability to learn and grow. Our health and nutrition team provides sensory (vision and hearing) screenings within the first 45 days of each child's enrollment. They also conduct growth assessments twice a year to ensure that every child is not just growing but thriving.

Children receive free breakfast, lunch and a snack daily.  The meals are fresh, nutritious and prepared on site.  By keeping a clean and safe environment throughout the centers we help reduce children’s absenteeism rates which means they spend more time in school, learning.

In addition, the Health & Nutrition Service Area works with a team of talented professionals who make up our Health Advisory Committee who ensure that we are abreast on current issues, remedies and best practices related to health and nutrition. 

We welcome and encourage parent participation at all of our organization meetings and look forward to seeing you there.

Nutrition Service 

The nutrition service area plays a role in MCDC's children's health and wellness. Our nutrition program emphasizes healthy meals and snacks throughout the school day. We also participate in Family Style Dining in all preschool classrooms. Children learn math, science, language, health, and safety and gain sensory and fine motor skills while assisting with the set-up for meals and by serving themselves from serving dishes. Teachers and children share the same foods. Teachers sit at the tables and encourage positive conversation during meals. Children are also involved in removing their dishes from the tables after they finish their meals. This set up and clean up process helps foster our children's sense of independence which is critical at the preschool age.